SK Gaming Enters the Esports Association NRW and ESBD

SK Gaming Enters the Esports Association NRW and ESBD

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SK Gaming, together with Eintracht Spandau, has joined the German esports associations at state and national level on the 20th November. 

As a Cologne-based company SK Gaming has submitted its application for membership to the NRW state association for esports which also grants a membership in the German Esports Association (ESBD). The executive boards of both associations have unanimously agreed.

As one of the most recognisable brands in esports, SK Gaming perfectly demonstrates what the industry has to offer in Germany. A pioneer of professional gaming, with 25 years of experience and brand security that also impresses on an international level, SK has a lasting impact on the ecosystem and are committed beyond their own role as a team.

SK Gaming and EINS are united in their endeavours to advance the German esports scene and break new ground in the process:

 We have worked with great commitment on the Esport Vision 2030, which addresses a number of important topics. Now the words must be followed by deeds. Joining the esports associations is an important first step towards achieving these goals as a united industry.

Alexander T. Müller

Managing Director of SK Gaming

We are delighted that SK Gaming and EINS have joined our association structures. Both teams are high-profile players in esports and bring a wealth of industry experience and creative drive that will enrich our association’s work. SK Gaming and EINS will in particular support the political work as well as the further development of the content of the associations, which is incredibly valuable for everyone involved.

Chris Flato

1st Vice President of the ESBD

About SK Gaming

For all those who are passionate about gaming, SK Gaming offers an inspirational approach and one clear vision: Anyone, and really anyone, can achieve anything in life. Starting out as “Schroet Kommando” in 1997, the company has pioneered the esports industry with numerous innovations and created iconic legends like the famed Swedish Counter-Strike team, Quake superstar rapha, the FIFA twins, its long-standing Warcraft III division, the Brazilian Global Offensive heroes or the Clash Royale GOAT Morten. More than 75 major championship titles across many disciplines are part of the company’s success story.

As a first-mover, values like dedication, endurance, team spirit and hard work are at the centre of SK Gaming’s brand promise. Likewise, having fun, making friends and challenging each other are vital to the company’s approach. SK Gaming puts a strong focus on being open to change, on having aspirations in life and on supporting each other. And on striving for excellence. Always.

About ESBD

As an association of organised esports, the ESBD (eSport-Bund Deutschland e.V.) is the central point of contact for politics, society and the public for the development of esports in Germany. Its work focuses primarily on the legal recognition of esports clubs as non-profit organisations, the political integration of the esports industry, opportunities for nationwide networking and the development of regional structures. With the ESBD Academy, the German central association is also creating a sound opportunity for the training and further education of committed coaches.

Together with the regional associations in Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia, the ESBD represents the interests of over 160 organisations in esports, particularly in the areas of popular sports, competitive sports and events. Further information:

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