SK Gaming Unveils 2024 League of Legends Rosters

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For the first time, SK Gaming unveils not one, not two, but all three of our League of Legends team rosters at the same time with a stunning 6-minute short movie, titled "SK Knights".

In 2024 the SK LEC team adds a well known face and 4-time World Championship attendee, Nisqy, to the mid lane, as well as LEC newcomer, Isma, to the jungle role. The bot lane of Exakick and Doss, and top laner Irrelevant are the returning faces of the roster, and so is the coaching staff of Swiffer, Own3r and Ewen Bufton. 

_AWM2308Meanwhile, for SK Prime it's a complete revamp of the team. Former Unicorns of Love top laner Venour joins forces with jungler Rabble, formerly of LVP's Fnatic TQ, mid laner Diplex, who previously played for Cloud9 in the LCS, and the terrifying bot duo of Neon and Limit with their considerable experience in the LEC. For support player Limit, this is a return to playing under the SK banner after he previously competed for us in the LEC in 2020. 

_AWM2111Last but not least, SK Avarosa welcomes a new bot lane in the faces of Zavee and Lumi who were some of our fiercest opponents during their time with BIG Chroma throughout this year. GWolfieG, Emprez and Apollonia continue their journey with Avarosa and are looking to add more trophies to theirs and our cabinet in 2024.


If you have not watched "SK Knights" yet, feast your eyes on SK's biggest video production so far:


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