25 Years Capsule Collection with Mercedes-Benz and Saul Nash

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To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we have partnered with Mercedes-Benz and fashion designer Saul Nash to curate a co-branded capsule collection inspired by esports, our teams & players. Pre-Order now!

As part of our 25 year anniversary celebration, we have teamed up with Mercedes-Benz and British fashion designer and choreographer Saul Nash to curate two limited-edition pieces that are an absolute must-have for your wardrobe from hereon out. 

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Saul Nash is a fashion designer, movement director and choreographer who studied performance design and menswear design. He combines this background in his own label, founded in 2018, by breaking down the boundaries between menswear and sportswear. His creations are fluid in design, combining trends with the functionality of sportswear, and offering fashion created for a modern, active everyday life. This innovative approach, has led Saul to receive several awards as a design talent, including the Queen Elisabeth II Award for British Design as National Designer of the Year in the UK.

MBxSKxSN_Image9_Original formatThe Dashboard Jacket, a reversible black sports jacket conceals an eye-catching lilac-blue mesh pattern made from recycled polyester on the inside and with hues from our brands colour scheme. The Mercedes-Benz and SK logos are embroidered on the chest in contrasting colours, while the black nylon side also bears the brand logos of both partners on the back.

 This is complimented by The Gradient Top, a long-sleeved black compression shirt also made from recycled polyester and Lycra for an optimal body-hugging fit, incorporating coloured mesh inserts on the sides and inside of the sleeves in the same colourway as the inside of the jacket. The shirt likewise bears the brand logos of both partners, Mercedes-Benz and SK, on the chest. Design details including the thumb loops, a half-zip on the high-closing collar and an extended back emphasise the sporty functionality of the collection.

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The start of the pre-sale of the two-piece collection today will be accompanied by a campaign on our social media channels. It stages theme worlds of both partners, such as movement, performance and design. The campaign features dancers and our content creator Troubleinc, Mango and NiklasNeo from SK  as well as the Mercedes-Benz EQE. In a choreography created by Saul Nash himself, the campaign addresses the functionality of the collection pieces and plays with the personalities of the protagonists. The photos were taken by US photographer Justin French, the videos by Quyen Mike, who works as qmike as a content creator and model. Isabel + Helen are responsible for the set design.


Take a look yourself at the collection page here, follow our social media channels for more content and make sure to pre-order fast to get your piece!





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