We mark our 25th year anniversary with a brand new look

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To kick off our 25 years of SK celebrations, today we are debuting our new website and brand refresh.

It’s no easy feat to still be a part of the esports industry after 25 years. If it was, we wouldn’t be the first ones doing it… ever.

We have pioneered, innovated and stood strong time and again. The first to sign player contracts and partnerships with financial clauses, the first to partner with a sports apparel brand and have an esports branded product, the first traditional esports organisation to expand into mobile gaming… The list goes on and on, and you’ll see it in full very soon.

Honouring this monumental quarter of a century achievement in the best way possible is something that behind the scenes we have been working on for more than a year. For all of you who have stood by us, whether since day 1 or only in the recent past, we want to thank you and spend the next few weeks celebrating together.

Our first gift to you is our brand new website, built from the ground up to be your number #1 stop if you want to know anything and everything about the SK brand, our players and content creators, or simply the time of our next match. Our goal with it is to be as transparent as possible about who we are, our rich history that has shaped both the company and esports as a whole, and the values that we stand for from the beginning, but especially today.

And that’s not even all we have for you today! Head to our shop page and uncover a vast amount of new clothes and accessories, inspired by our updated SK brand colours. We can not wait to see you all sporting the new look and become a part of the SK legacy yourselves.

There’s heaps of content, giveaways and other surprises to come in the upcoming weeks so keep an eye both here and across our social media channels, if you don’t want to miss any of it. #25YearsSK

About SK Gaming

For all those who are passionate about gaming, SK Gaming offers an inspirational approach and one clear vision: Anyone, and really anyone, can achieve anything in life. Starting out as “Schroet Kommando” in 1997, the company has pioneered the esports industry with numerous innovations and created iconic legends like the famed Swedish Counter-Strike team, Quake superstar rapha, the FIFA twins, its long-standing Warcraft III division, the Brazilian Global Offensive heroes or the Clash Royale GOAT Morten.

More than 75 major championship titles across many disciplines are part of the company’s success story.

As a first-mover, values like dedication, endurance, team spirit and hard work are at the centre of SK Gaming’s brand promise. Likewise, having fun, making friends and challenging each other are vital to the company’s approach.

SK Gaming puts a strong focus on being open to change, on having aspirations in life and on supporting each other. And on striving for excellence. Always.

We are proud to work with amazing brands and people.